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Fucked My Dad After Six Man Gang Banging Part 2

“I’m gonna cum! Ahh! Yes! Here it comes, sis! Here comes my load!” He thrust his cock hard, holding and grinding it against my cervix, his cock throbbing hard and fast pumping my twat with his hot, thick jism. I was panting and whimpering having multiple orgasms. We could feel each other throbbing as we came harder and harder. Then he started fucking me again. There was so much cum, it was oozing out of my cunt, making a squishy sound with each thrust of his big round cock. He looked down, watching his dick sliding in and out of my stretched out cunt wrapped tightly around his stiff dick, moaning and grunting, telling me how good I was making him feel. “Sis, you’re pussy is the tightest one I’ve ever had! It feels so good!” We were fucking so hard, we didn’t hear mom come in just in time to hear me scream, “Evan, fuck me hard! Fuck me with your hard cock! I’m cumming Evan! I’m cumming!” Suddenly we heard mom gasp and yell, “Oh my God! What are you two doing?” We were into our passion and pleasure too far to stop. We had to ride each other to the end. She yelled again, “What are you doing? Stop, right now! Stop!” Evan yelled back, breathlessly, “We’re fuckin ma and we can’t stop yet!” Panting and grunting, he said, “We’re both cumming, we can’t stop until we’re finished!” Then to mom’s horror, he growled and hissed between his teeth, “Ah fuck, ma! Can’t you see we’re right in the middle of our orgasms?! Now, leave us alone til we’re done!” He continued riding me hard, “Ahhh!! Sis! You’re fuckin pussy is so fine!” A few minutes later our orgasms became less intense and we slowly stopped cumming. When we finished, Evan collapsed against my back, his cock still buried deep inside me. We were exhausted but happy. Evan had eaten and fucked my pussy so good. Mom had sat down at the kitchen table, watching us with big round eyes, her mouth wide open. She was speechless. Evan looked at her and laughed. “Fuck ma! I’m not the first to fuck your little girl! She took a good hard gang banging with six guys last night. She’s a woman now! She’s gonna be fuckin a lot. We’re gonna be fuckin each other a lot! Ain’t that right sis?” I nodded my head yes. He helped me stand up, turning me around showing mom the cum dripping out of my pussy, down my thighs. His cock was still a little stiff and covered in cum too. He spread my thighs apart for mom’s inspection, “See. Look at that fine body! Every man who sees it is gonna want it. Turn around and bend over sis and show her your nice pussy and ass hole.” I turned around, bending at the waist as Evan spread my ass cheeks and glistening fuck hole, slipping his fingers inside, getting them wet, then started easing them into my ass hole, stretching my hole enough for his cock. “Look, ma. I‘m fuckin this next. Smell your daughter’s cunt. Come on smell it.” To my surprise, she bent down, placing her hands on the insides of my thighs, opening my lips, smelling deeply. She had closed her eyes and was moaning a bit. Evan was getting turned on watching mom sniff my cunt and asked her in a raspy voice, “Doesn’t that smell good, ma? Wouldn’t you like to taste it? Go ahead, stick your tongue inside and lick it. Lick her cunt and clit. She won’t mind, will you sis?” I answered back, “Uh uhhh! Not at all! Do it mom! Eat my pussy, I wanna feel your warm wet tongue inside my cunt and twirling my clit!” She hesitated for a minute, then slowly stuck the tip of her tongue against my hole. Evan pushed her head closer and she started licking the inside, slowly at first, then deeper and faster. Oh yes! Her tongue felt so good fucking my pussy. She moaned a little, then spread my thighs further apart reaching for my clit. I bent over more, giving her more room. Aahh. Yes! She was making my pussy feel so good! My pussy started throbbing again as more of my sweet nectar oozed out. She was a little shocked, and leaned back. “Don’t stop, please?! I’m gonna cum any minute!” My body trembled and shook as my orgasm started and my cum squirted from deep inside my cunt. I was panting and moaning loud, writhing my hips, squeezing her head. She pushed my thighs further apart, holding them there, while she worked on my cunt, making me cum over and over. “Mom! That feels so good! Don’t stop licking me until I finish cumming!” Since I’d already cum a few times already, my orgasm didn’t last as long and my pussy slowly stopped throbbing as my cum slowed to a trickle. “Ahhh! Fuck, that felt so good! Have you done this before? Have you eaten pussy before?” She said she had, in her college days, but not since she’d married dad. She said she never dreamed of eating my cunt, even though my body turned her on. Meanwhile, Evan had been working my ass hole, stretching it, making it big enough for his engorged cock. “Damn, ma! That really turned me on, watching you eat sis like that! Look at how hard my cock is! She looked at his cock, gasping at how big it was. She reached for it, squeezing and stroking up and down the long shaft. She teased the tip of his head with the tip of her wet tongue. He grunted, and said in a low, growling voice “Ma, that feels so good! Ah, fuck I want you to suck me and let me cum in your mouth and down your throat! Will you give me head later?“ He had one hand on the back of her head, as he pushed his cock head in and out of her lips. She stopped licking him, and told him, she would later. His cock was raging now and throbbed harder. Panting and groaning, he said, “Ok sis, you ready for a good fucking in your ass?“ I told him yes. He had me get on the floor with my legs and thighs spread wide and my ass up. He held my ass cheeks apart as he started easing his hard dick inside my tight hole. “Ohhh, sweetie, you feel so good! Why don’t you eat mom’s pussy while I’m fuckin you?“ She got down on the floor, laying down in frontof me, spreading her legs wide for my head. I went down on her and immediately started working her cunt and clit. She jerked at the touch of my tongue on her hard clit. Her body started shaking as her orgasm hit, her ass off the floor, pushing her tasty cunt into my face, fucking my tongue. She grabbed my face, holding it tightly to her pussy as I ate her and licked her making her cum several times. She was moaning and screaming loudly, “Yess! Baby, you’re eating me so good!“ Evan had shoved his cock up my ass and was pounding me hard and deep, making me yell with his hot throbbing cock pounding relentlessly. He was panting hard, as he watched his cock moving inside my tight ass hole. “Your tight ass looks and feelsso good on my cock, I’m gonna cum any minute!“ We were yelling so loud and lost in our fucking and sucking, that we didn’t hear dad come in. We heard him gasp, “What the fuck?!“ Panting and grunting hard, Evan said, “Hey dad! Did you fuck sis’s ass hole too, or just her cunt? They’re both so fuckable!“Dad said, “I can’t believe this! I come home to my family having an orgie?!“ He stood and watched for a minute, as Evan thrust his cock deep inside my ass holding it and grinding it, as he started cumming hard! “Sis here it cums! Uunnggh!! Feels so good!!!“ He rammed my ass fast and hard cumming so much, his cum spurted out of my ass around his rock hard cock. It wasn’t long, when his orgasm ended and his cum was oozing out of my ass. He pulled his cock out and his cum poured out of my ass down my legs. Mom had finished cumming and I was laying my head on her belly, panting and whimpering from Evan’s good fuck job. Dad had been stroking his cock, watching us. I got off my mom’s belly, sitting back on my knees licking her delicious cum from my lips. “How was that mom?” She said it was wonderful and called dad over to fuck her pussy. He yanked his pants off and was on top of mom, pounding her freshly eaten, wet pussy. “Ahh, honey! Your pussy feels so good after having it eaten!” He rammed his dick deep and hard inside her cunt, then turned her over, bare backing her. They were moaning and yelling, fucking each other through their orgasms and cumming. When they finished, mom said to dad, “You’ve never fucked me like that before. It was wonderful!” Dad said, “I’ve never watched our daughter get a good ass fucking from her brother or her eating your cunt before! It made me really horny, I couldn’t wait to have some pussy! We all sat on the floor, exhausted, but satisfied, then we cleaned the cum from the floor, table and chairs. We all showered, then spent the rest of the night watching tv. Soon, dad and mom, said they were tired and went to bed. I wasn’t too far behind. I was falling asleep and told Evan I was going to bed. When I reached my room, I heard a lot of moaning and grunting coming from my parents room. I smiled, thinking to myself, how nice it was that they had started fucking again. I was drifting off to sleep, when I heard my door open. Evan whispered softly, “Sis. You awake?” I yawned, answering in a sleepy voice, “I am now. What’s up Evan?” He sat on the edge of my bed, slipping his hands under my sheets and started fondling me. “I want to fuck you before I go to bed. Can I?” I rolled onto my back, telling him, he had to eat my cunt first, then he could fuck me all he wanted to. He threw my sheets back, exposing my naked body. “Ahh. Fuck, I love your body!” He squeezed and pinched my tits and nipples for a few minutes, then went down on my pussy, eating and licking me good, bringing me to several orgasms. Then, he fucked my cunt hard. He fucked me so deep and hard, it hurt, but felt good at the same time. After awhile, we came simultaneously. When or orgasms subsided and we stopped cumming, he kissed me and thanked me for fucking him. He told me good night and went to his room. I rolled back over on my side, drifting off to sleep with a very satisfied smile on my face.